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What are the potential sectors of investment?

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There is great potential for investment in Nepal. Nepal is pursuing a liberal foreign investment policy to create an investment-friendly environment. 
Major areas for investment include: 
  • Hydropower
  • Manufacturing 
  • Services
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining and minerals
  • Information and Communication etc.
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How does Invest Nepal update its information?

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Information for the portal is first collected, checked and verified by a review committee of the MOI and CNI, then forwarded to the Invest Nepal office for upload.
In addition, a Coordination Committee comprising of various sectoral line ministries has been formed under the leadership of the MOI. Should there be new policies or modifications of existing policies, laws, rules, or regulations, each committee member will provide timely information to the MOI for the necessary update.
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What is CNI and what role does it play in helping foreign investors establish their companies?

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CNI is a professionally-led manufacturing and service sector industry-centered apex body of the large- and medium-scale industrial community of Nepal. It works in a similar fashion to corresponding organizations in various developing and developed countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.
In order to create an investment-friendly environment and to encourage overseas investors to invest in Nepal, CNI is working closely with the government of Nepal in business and investment promotion issues. 
In addition, CNI helps investors by providing:
  • Facilitation for business-to-business activity;
  • Guidance on investment location;
  • Support for securing approval from the government and concern authorities;
  • Interactions with sectors, government agencies, and investors; and
  • Sector-specific information.
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What is Invest Nepal and what services does it offer?

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Industrial promotion is a requirement for the economic growth of any country. The Invest Nepal portal was established to provide reliable, up-to-date information related to business and the investment. It serves as a authorized information source for existing policies governing FDI and other business-related information.
Invest Nepal aims to encourage foreign as well as local investors. It provides:
  • Information about Nepal and the basic requirements needed to establish business and industry
  • Information on existing policies, rules and regulations governing FDI
  • Sector-specific information
  • A bridge between government agencies, sector experts and investors
  • Answers to all queries related to business and investment.
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Who can invest in Nepal?

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Nepal is open to all prospective foreign investors: individual or institutional. 
According to FITTA 1992, "foreign investor" means any foreign individual, firm, company or corporate body involved in foreign investment or technology transfer, including foreign governments or international agencies. 
Except in areas of negative list, no restriction has been provisioned by any act or regulation to any individual or institution to invest in Nepal. 
FITTA 1992 allows foreigners to organize either as a private limited company or a public limited company to make investments in Nepal.
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